Extreme Action Mega Monsters ™ - Beast Buggy (9" / 23cm)

ITEM# 20111

Mega Monsters bring the ancient power of the Jurassic into the race. The ferocious Beast Buggy combines the extreme off road power and speed of a race buggy with the chomping mouth, glowing eyes and wagging tongue of a velociraptor. The mighty Tricera Truck has an unstoppable head butting power and glowing eyes of the mighty Triceratops. Each style includes lights, sounds, motorized driving and animatronic action.


  • Unique combination of headbutt and chopping actions and motorized drive.

    Motorized vehicles including Dino lights and realistic sound effects that are sure to impress the kids.

  • Great quality car with amazing design details and realistic sounds.


  • Motorized driving action!
  • Buttons unlock headbutt and chopping effects, eyes and tong lights and dino sounds. Ready to play with batteries included.
  • For ages 3+.
  • What’s in the Box: vehicle / 3 AA batteries.
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