Mission To Mars - Mars Base Set (9'' / 23cm)

ITEM# 40102

Build it, take it apart, put it back together, mix and match the parts; theres tons of ways to play with the Machine Maker Mission to Mars Exploration sets. Use the included tool to take it apart and activate the different features. Each set has over a dozen pieces, including a figure, screwdriver, mission accessories, and the machine parts to build up a space vehicle and mars base set. Combine with other sets to make some crazy new machines, it’s T minus 0 to adventure!


  • STEM based Take-a-Part and Re-Build – Build-it-yourself construction sets for all ages! Fully equipped with interchangeable parts, a screwdriver for easy assembly
  • Equipment – These Mission to Mars Sets come fully equipped with a chunky screwdriver, machine operator figure, mission accessories, and the parts to build your own Mars rover and Mars Base!
  • Creative – Creating your own fantasy vehicles by mixing and matching the different parts.
  • Superior build quality and safety – Has passed extensive durability and safety tests. This is a product that parents can trust and children can enjoy for life-long fun.


  • Age: 3+
  • 9″ / 22cm vehicle when assembled
  • Battery: Ready to play, no batteries necessary
  • STEM based play
  • Take-a-part/Re-build and Play
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